Richard 'Yeti Boy' Kensington

Yeti Boy records is run by me, Richard 'Yeti Boy' Kensington. Having been given the name Yeti Boy in an incident involving being seen shuffling about in an oversized Peruvian Alpaca cardigan in 1997 I decided to put the name to use in the setting up of this label. 

The Yeti Boy record label has come into being through my work as a percussionist. Over the years I have been lucky enough to play with musicians and song writers of immense talent, some of whom for one reason or another, have got no way of getting their music heard by more people. All of their energies are directed to their music and they are so caught up with howling at moon that the idea of getting more people than those at the gig to listen has faded into the background. Yeti Boy is a way of bringing them all together and providing a portal through which to launch their music into cyber space and the world beyond. As such, most of the bands on Yeti Boy are people who I play with or have recorded with over the years. 

I heard the phrases "You guys should be on Jools Holland" or "Why isn't that guy famous?" after a gigs so many times that I set up Yeti Boy Records to get the music out there.

Yeti Boy records offers registration of tracks, catalogue management and the management of digital and physical sales. It's also a platform for promotion and bringing together a small group of musicians all coming from a similar place. Without this group the label can't exist.

Thanks to Andre 'Dog' Bonsor for the original Yeti Boy drawing and to Iryna Muha for turning it into a graphic! 

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Richard is an endorsee of Natal Drums who besides making great drums are also a great team of people  who put a lot of energy into getting rhythm into the world!