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¡Agarrate! is the second album by Mas Y Mas. Released in 2003 it captures the lively energetic sound that Mas Y Mas have become known for. It was recorded in West Side Studios, London in an intense three day burst of creativity and virtually no sleep. 

Rikki Thomas-Martínez: Lead Vocals, Guitar and Mandolin
Wayne D. Evans: Vocals, Double Bass, Frog Bass and Saw
Richard Kensington: Percussion and Vocals

Alongside songs by Rikki Thomas-Martínez this album also features 'The Hump' written by Wayne D. Evans and Mike Metzner. It was American Mike's musical association with Wayne Evans that led to the formation of Mas Y Mas in 1995.

¡Agarrate! marked the begining of a fun and fruitful collaboration with Friend, Producer and Engineer Alex 'Medievil' Clark. 

Full track listing: 

  • ¿Por Qué Será?
  • En Mexico
  • Amiguito
  • Por Ella
  • Agárrate
  • Madre Selva
  • Mochilón
  • Palabras
  • La Miel
  • Carlos Y Maria
  • The Hump

¡Agarrate! is presented here at Yetiboyrecords.com with permission from Luminoso Records