The Last Pedestrians - Battle of a Simple Man

The Last Pedestrians - Battle of a Simple Man

'Battle of a Simple Man- The Last Pedestrians keep on trucking the light fantastic'

(Jake Riveria – Stiff Records)

Songs by Harry Stephenson, Wayne D. Evans and Phil Jackson. Songs written over life times spent watching the unfolding smash and grab that passes for progress in our times. Lives spent writing from a jaunty angle about our studpity, our greed, our hunger for power, our need to be right and the banal tradgedies that are made of our lives as a result.

These are the signals from the smoking shelters of broken Britain. The chest rattling draws of discontent, The finger picked puffs of pontification Crotcheted into song and wheezed amongst us.

Battle of a Simple Man is The Last Pedestrians 5th studio album.  It was recorded sporadically over 6 months at mousehouse studios by Tony Foster. All of the songs were recorded and sung live by the rhythm sectioninitially in 3 days and then amended or dubbed in further sessions.  The result is that these recordings more closely resemble The Last Pedestrians live concert sound than any previously recorded material. There is no substitute for playing live but  when you play this cd play it loud!!

The CD is packeaged in a cardboard digipack and contains a 20 page pull out brochure with all of the song lyrics so you can learn the words and sing a long! 

Order from 22nd October 2016

'songs in the key of ex other songs in the key of why'

(cleethorpe bugle and echo)

'magnificently addled and focused by turns'

(Nottingham Arrow)

'words of love pain fear joy and anger'

(nursing weekly)

'pure and unadulterated post neo dad rock'

(hiphop times)

'nothing but imperialist lackeys of the paper tiger capitalist fascists'

(financial times)

'a slice of forty years of english cultural history'

(archeological  review)

'The Last Pedestrians are brutal dog kicking sadists! and they have not got any dogworthy tunes either!!'

(crufts news letter)