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  • Beginner's Luck soon to be available

    Beginner's Luck soon to be available

    I've spent all morning sorting out distribution for 'Beginner's Luck' by Rich & Famous. This is actually the first album that  Wayne and I recorded together and the first album that I completely engineered myself. It was recorded back in 2007 in a little studio that we built for Mas Y Mas in Daybrook, Nottingham. There was a shop that sold alloy wheel rims on the corner of the street called 'Wheel World' so the studio was named 'Wheel World Studios'. Apparently there is another studio with a similar name! 

    This album features a whole load of acoustic instruments. Wayne played his parlour guitar for most of the rhythm takes and then over dubbed slide parts and banjo lines. I played bodhran and then overdubbed some shakers, a cowbell, triangle and a few other bits. I got into playing the bodhran on my first tour of Ireland with Mas Y Mas back in 1998. I knew it'd come in handy!  This is an album of Wayne's songs stripped back. The words really come through and tell the story of the lunacy, injustice and weirdness of modern life. There is a lot of humor in the album too. 

    Although it was recorded in 2007 I never got any copies professionally manufactured as I'd never properly mastered the album. I'd made up some home made copies and these had all been sold so there was only one left. I decided to ask Robin from to master it after the fantastic job he did on 'Songs of Price'. Sometimes things happen at the right time. I was really heartened by Robin's reaction to the tracks. He put in loads of time and made some key decisions to get it sounding as good as it does now. You can't teach that kind of thing - the man has got good ears. He christened Wayne 'A modern day prophet'!

    "Your car and your DVD make you feel tough but you're buried alive under too much stuff!"

    "The French have got a word for people like you but I'm not French so Twat'll 'ave to do."

    "Too many suffer at the hands of a few... we might have to swallow it but do we have to chew?"