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  • Rich and Famous make the video for 'Land of Plenty'...

    Having played regularly at The Nottingham Contemporary for years with Mas Y Mas Rikki, Rich and Wayne have ended up driving down Popham Street off Cliff Road in Nottingham loads of times. There is an old engineering building down there with an awesome door that was the inspiration for the location of this video. Popham Street is not the Land of Plenty and with the way that things are going less and less places are any more. 

    In actual fact people still work in this building and they put up with us singing and playing outside their front door for a couple of hours without a word of complaint. We even got a round of applause from a guy in the garage across the street! 

    The video shoot actually took place as an after thought. Phil Jackson volunteered to take some photos of the duo and while that was happening Rich set up his cameras and got to it. Many thanks to Phil Jackson who took a load of photos and did a lot of starting and stopping of video cameras!