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  • The Trent Navigation 16th November 2013

    The Trent Navigation 16th November 2013

    Can you spot what/ who is missing from the picture above? The lack of a double bass and the soaring backing vocals of Wayne D. Evans didn't peturb The Last Pedestrians as they played at the Trent Navigation on Meadow Lane in Nottingham last night. Despite being a man down the lads put on a great show with a slightly more skeletal sound than normal. Harry, Phil, Beano and Rich each had to work exactly 5% harder to compensate for the lack of a big fat cushion of bass and Wayne's energy and drive. The result was that everyone got stuck in and new sounds bubbled up in the gaps and spaces. The audience all enjoyed themselves and it was heard said that '...the truth is that Harry's songs are so good that even if he'd turned up on his own with a guitar the night would still have been electrifying...'

    Thanks to Hugh Miller for coming down with his cameras and taking some fantastic shots of the band. Check out Hugh's web site and see some awesome pictures! 

    Don't worry... Wayne will be back at his station very soon. Everyone deserves a holiday once in a while!

    The full band will be appearing again at The Navigation on Wilford Street, Nottingham at 7.30pm on 1st December 2013.