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From 1972 – 1982 Gaffa were:

Wayne D Evans on green frog bass

Mick Barrett on drums

Clive Smith "Myph"  on electric guitar

John Maslen on electric guitar

 Gaffa playing live on 'See Hear' presented by Toya Wilcox on 6th February 1979

Gaffa won single of the week in The NME in 1977 with their first vinyl EP entitled “normal service will never be resumed” released independently on local label Cleverly Brothers, owned by John Joblonski who worked in Selectadisc. Their following album and two singles were released on their own label Gaffa 'n' Products.


Listen to and download Gaffa live on the BBC or Live at The Imperial in 1977

Gaffa appeared on regional television with Toya Wilcox on The BBC in Birmingham. They were live on radio Nottingham many times, championed enthusiastically by John Holmes of BBC Radio. They appeared at such events as The Trent Embankment Live and Nottingham Market Square live radio broadcasts. They also played a John Peel Session for Radio one. They went onto record an album called “Neither use nor ornament” which still features in John Peel's record archive (just scroll along the shelf to 'Gaffa') and two singles called “you know I love you” and “man with a motive”. There is a great write up on Gaffa here at Punky Gibbon. Join in some Gaffa chat at Fade 2 Grey.

The Full Gaffa Discography is available to view here.

Gaffa recovered in 2011 and are NOW GIGGING AGAIN. Playing with the addition of Simon Bowhill on drums and Richard Kensington on percussion they have reworked many of the old tunes and are working some new ones into the set. 

Contact the band on facebook to share memories, photos and bootlegs... Yeti Boy records is currently hunting down Gaffa memorabilia and illicit recordings so if you have any it'd be great to hear from you! You can hear a radio session from the early days of Gaffa here

Here is the first edit from The Nottingham Contemporary GAFFA gig on 16th June 2012:

Gaffa Live at The Nottingham Contemporary playing 'Normal Service Will Never Be Resumed'

The story of what happens when the tele stops working and people are forced to actually interact with the people they live with.

Richard Ronson. 26th November 1952 - 26th August 2012

Yeti Boy Records are sad to announce the death of Richard Ronson. Guitarist, singer and songwriter, Richard was part of the original Gaffa line-up. He also sang and played guitar and harmonica with Wayne Evans and Paul Summers in the 'Tadpole Lane and District County Council Charity Band' on their TV appearance on the 60's TV show "Come here often?". Richard played an enormous part in Wayne's early life and will be greatly missed as a friend and musical inspiration. 

Richard Ronson