Gaffa - A Frost Precaution

Gaffa - A Frost Precaution

A Frost Precaution

“Hammer that tongue into a verbal noose”

This is typical gaffa  - It conforms to, confirms and pushes further the explosive, telling visions of writer/bassist,  Wayne Evans. His verbal axe lifts and falls, cutting, one moment, into the icy realities of modern politics, and into the tender warmth of personal feelings the next. Anger, tenderness, quiet contemplation, comic irony blend. The musical spring which flexes, coils and reverberates around this  blade is in harmony: sweet and sour. 

This is untypical gaffa in that is is not the full band, more a pre-recording of potential designed to fit the full complement. The first bare bones were created and recorded at the mouse house by co-writers Evans/ Maslen.  Added to by drummer Simon Bowhill on one occasion, Barbara Kell’s sensitive/ sensational vocals throughout and the multi-talents of recorder/producer Tony Foster, its  potential is to inspire the next bounce of the gaffa band ball. 

But, folks, another, already-completed gaffa full band album is on the way!  For now,  gird your loins with ‘a frost precaution’.