Recorded by Doggen at Mouse House Studios in Nottingham, the EP is Gaffa’s first recording since they reformed in 2011. To coincide with this they are also releasing a digital remaster of their first LP ‘Neither Use Nor Ornament’ (1978) with new notes from songwriter and front man Wayne D. Evans.

The musical essence of Gaffa is an honest, live immediacy. The first album, fundamental, live performances of excerpts from a well - gigged song book - virtually all first take stuff with added vocals and minimal additions to enhance meaning. The new EP continues that approach. Again, all virtually first or second takes with some added vocals, guitars and percussion. It's all intentionally unintentional and it's all there... the vital soul.

Both CDs are designed to complement each other graphically thanks to Eddie 'Myph' Smith, who designed the original "N" Products releases. The whole new package will be available both digitally and hard copy through and for download from main on-line stores.

Mastered by KJAMM at

Gaffa are:

Wayne D. Evans: Frog Bass, Vocals

John Maslen: Guitar, Vocals

Clive Eddie ‘Myph’ Smith: Guitar

Simon Bowhill: Drums

Richard Kensington: Percussion, vocals

The Audio on this page has been edited to give a taste of each track but to encourage purchases from those who would like to hear more! 

Full Track Listing:
Rockin' Science
Dark Town
When You Get Tired of Everything
New Love For Old