Rich & Famous

Rich and Famous play the songs of Wayne D. Evans. Wayne has written over 300 songs now so we thought it was about time you got to hear a few more of them.

Hear 'Land of Plenty' played here on the Mike Harding Folkshow - track 8

Rich and Famous are a duo with Wayne playing acoustic parlor guitar, banjo and resonator guitar with a slide. Rich plays bodhran and Udu Pot and they both sing. The duo sound was captured on the album

'Beginners Luck'

'A stunning collection of songs: Angry and Raw' - Mike Harding

The video for Land of Plenty can be viewed below:

Rich & Famous have also played as a trio over the years with the addition of Clive 'Myph' Smith on electric guitar. Myph has played with Wayne since the 70's and supplies the band with a multi-layered feast of harmonic delights; a very versitile guitarist who weaves his way through Wayne's songs playing all the right notes in all the right places. In the trio Wayne plays double bass and Rich plays the percussion set up he has become known for in Mas Y Mas; three congas, a kick, cajon, foot woodblock, foot tambourine and guiro. 

The Trio sound has been recorded on the album 'Songs of Price'