Rich & Famous 'Beginners Luck'

Rich & Famous 'Beginners Luck'

'A stunning collection of songs; angry and raw' - Mike Harding

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This is the first recording associated with Yeti Boy records. It showcases the song writing talent of Wayne D. Evans accompanied on percussion by Richard Kensington. 

This incarnation of Rich & Famous sees them as a duo playing only acoustic instruments to back Wayne's songs. 

The idea was to get Wayne’s songs recorded in skeletal form and then flesh out the bones… the thing was, that the bones sounded good as they were. 

'Beginner's Luck' was released digitally on the 19th December 2012. Physical copies are available from 22nd March 2013 and can be bought from the shop.

This is an 'up close' album that lets you hear Wayne's song stripped back. It features some unusual instrumentation, with Rich reaching for the percussion trolley to augment his Bodhran and Wayne playing a borrowed toy melodion to garnish his parlour guitar and banjo... He even plays a solo on some brass bells that Rich bought in a shop in Malaysia while on tour with Mas Y Mas. 

The video for Land of Plenty (track one from Beginner's Luck) can be seen below. 



Rich and Famous also have a myspace account which although little slow tells you more about the band and has some more tracks to listen to. The lads don't check it much so contact them here rather than there! 

ReMastered by Robin at KJAMM studios

Press Release:

The songs

 ‘The songs on ‘Beginner’s Luck’ are as true and relevant now as when I first wrote them, unfortunately’ says Wayne.

Wayne writes about things that matter and affect us all. He has the gift of describing a situation and expressing what he thinks about it in a single line.

Too many suffer at the hands of a few, we might have to swallow it but do we have to chew?’

"A wry look at modern life and an aim to journey onwards in an optimistic mood with an uplifting gate" said Keith Ames of Wayne’s songs. Wayne plays his songs with passion and mirth and Rich underpins them with simple undulating grooves that evoke the jug band music that inspired Wayne when he was a kid.

 Songs like ‘Land of Plenty’ and ‘Too Many Suffer’ put an upbeat spin on a down beat fact, that currently seems to be effecting more and more people – A few have a lot and everyone else is getting less.

‘Long Dark Shadow’ and ‘Snobbery with Violence’ speak of the contempt with which people in power have treated the people then and now… The long dark shadow that loomed in the late 70’s is still cast by those that would lead us today and it’s getting longer and darker…   

‘Buried Alive’‘Young Foolish and Drunk’ and ‘Don’t look good on it’ are a meditation on the over indulgence in the fruits offered up by our culture…

‘Your car and your DVD make you feel tough but we’re buried alive under too much stuff!’


Gaffa was gone, The Florida Snow Shifters had melted away, The Marcel Marceau Sound had ceased and Star Garage was an autumnal Portland, Oregon memory. Wayne D. Evans sat on a bus in the early 90’s and asked The Universe if he could just play bass in some one else’s band instead of leading his own. The Universe listened and for the next 15 years or so he did exactly that, leaving his own songs scrawled on bits of envelope from the 60’s, scratched into vinyl cut in the 70’s and 80’s and slowly decaying on old revox reel to reel tapes boxed up and put away, untouched, unplayed and unheard.

Wayne carried on gigging and touring with Rikki Thomas–Martinez in Mas Y Mas and Harry Stephenson in The Last Pedestrians. Harry had been the leading force in Plummet Airlines for whom Wayne had written the middle verse to their ‘Stiff Buy 8’ single Silver Shirt in 1976. Wayne played double bass and occasionally gave one of his songs an airing in these bands, until in 2007 he found himself sitting in a boarded up derelict warehouse in North Nottingham with percussionist Richard Kensington, who had his finger hovering over the record button.

The idea was to get Wayne’s songs recorded in skeletal form and then flesh out the bones… the thing was, that the bones sounded good as they were.

The recording went down onto a hard disc and on a hard disc it stayed until 2012 when Rich took it to producer Robin Junga (Misti BlÅ«) who liked it, tweaked it a little and then applied a healthy sprinkle of his magic mastering dust. The result is ‘Beginner’s Luck’ by Rich & Famous.

 Full Track List:

Land of Plenty
Buried Alive
Don't Look good on It
The French Have Got a Word
Waiting For You
Beating of Another Heart
Long Dark Shadow
Snobbery With Violence
City Centre Youth
Too Many Suffer
Young Foolish And Drunk