Rich & Famous 'Songs of Price'

Rich & Famous 'Songs of Price'

Recorded in 2009 and 2010 the 11 songs on this album all come from the pen of Wayne D Evans. Starting his career on Ukulele in the 60's Wayne quickly moved to the bass guitar becoming the mouthy front man in 70's new wave sensations 'Gaffa'. This album sees a reworking of some classic Gaffa tunes like 'We used to' and 'Organic Shuffle' alongside some new tunes like "You shine for me" and "It might as well be Gunthorpe". 

As well as singing all the songs Wayne plays bass, banjo and a whole lot of other instruments while Clive Smith, his old band mate from Gaffa weaves his magical guitar through the album. 

In 'Songs of Price' Wayne and Myph have teamed up with Richard Kensington on percussion who uses his congas and his old suitcase full of sounds to great effect giving this album an unusual spin. Cuban rhythms, South American clay pots and a liberal helping of shakers, cowbells, gourds and rattles give these songs a very distinctive feel. 

'Songs of Price' also features Ben Martin on Saxes and Flute, Nick Cutts on Bassoon, Laura Zobel on Violin, Sarah Matthews on Fiddle and Viola, Paul Quadros on Trombone, Paul 'Beano' Summers on Keyboards and Sarah Simmonds on backing vocals. 

Recorded by Huw Jones from Paper Stone Studios and Mastered by Robin Junga at KJAMM


The Musician (The MU magazine ) reviews this album below:


Wayne received this review of "Songs of Price" from Malcom Heyhoe - freelance journalist for the NME in the late 70's and now a horse racing journalist.  

'Gaffa' has recently reformed with Wayne Evans, Clive Smith and John Maselin being joined by Simon Bowhill on drums. You can contact the lads on facebook and see what they're up to now by clicking here to go to 'Gaffa Recovered' group or click here to go to the 'Gaffa' page