The Axis Percussion Trio


                                                      Simon Bowhill                           Dave Boston                          Richard Kensington

The Axis Percussion Trio are Simon Bowhill, Dave Boston and Richard Kensington. Dedicated to the study, performance and teaching of Afro Cuban based percussion music, the trio play a mixture of traditional and original material on congas, batá drums and drum kit. 

One Drummer Two Percussionists:

The Axis has been working on building contemporary kit and conga grooves out of traditional ensemble elements for Rumba Guaguanco, Columbia, Iyesa, Palo, Bembe and carnival styles.

Simon has been putting bell, guagua and bombo parts onto the drum set.  Rich has been combining parts normally played by two or three conga drummers which Dave has been augmenting and extending with original answering phrases. The results will be available to hear later this year. 

The Axis with Chaguito in Havana - 2012

Natal drums sent a set of new congas out to Chaguito with The Axis in 2012. We made this video to say thanks to Natal and to show them what Chaguito would be using them for! 


Batá round Britain:

The Axis have been playing Cuban Batá drums together since 2009. Cuban Batá is an escoteric form of drumming originally from Yoruba culture that exists to invoke the orishas of Santeria. The Axis have set out to play Batá in locations round the UK where the natural forces personified by each of the Orishas are present.

Here are the results so far:

At the door of Rubber Biscuit Studios for Eleggua

At the cross roads for Eleggua 

At Kev's workshop for Ogún

In front of Robin Hood for Ochosi

Up on Curbar Edge in The Peak District for Obaloke

Down at The Attenborough Nature Reserve in Beeston, Nottingham for Inle.

At the site of the old leper hospital in Burton Lazars, Leicestershire, playing the first toque for Babaluaye syncretised with Saint Lazarus

Also at the site of the earth works of the old leper hospital at Burton Lazars playing a second toque for Babaluaye. Babaluaye is the orisha of disease traditionally associated with leprosy. 

Not wanting to waste the snow in January 2013 The Axis Percussion Trio decided to play for the Orisha Obatalá. Obatalá is traditionally represented by white, signifying purity. He is the Orisha of Justice and calm logical thought - father of humans and orishas. 

On the 3rd June 2013 The Axis took advantage of a sunny day to get out into the Leicestershire 

countryside and film this toque for Ochún. You can see Belvoir castle in the background.


 Here is a second toque also for Ochún: