The Last Pedestrians - Harry's Amusements

The Last Pedestrians - Harry's Amusements

The Last Pedestrians - 'Harry's Amusements'

Released 1st September 2013

Songs by the legendary Harry Stephenson played by The Last Pedestrians with Harry singing lead vocals and playing guitar. Recorded over a three year period there have been no corners cut in the crafting of this album their fifth album.

A lot of the songs on this album were new to the band when they started recording them but have since been gigged rigorously and now feature in most sets that the band play. Songs like "Sing little Bird" and "Mobile Phones (are killing the bees)" and "The Age of Waste" can be heard during most of the band's live shows at the moment. 

Phil Jackson makes great use of his telecaster and mandolin on this recording underpinned by Wayne D. Evans  playing a mix of electric and upright bass. 

Since the Last Pedestrians started recording this album drummer Chris Green has left the band making this the last album to feature Chris's power, groove and swing; he departs on a high note leaving a job well done! 

The album has been recorded in Paper Stone Studios and at Jackson Mansions. 

Engineered and produced by Phil Jackson

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