The Last Pedestrians - Life Begins on Wednesday

The Last Pedestrians - Life Begins on Wednesday

'Life Begins on Wednesday' the third album by The Last Pedestrians comes from the days of the regular Wednesday night residency that the band had at The Turf Tavern in the centre of Nottingham. They played every Wednesday night for over three years.

This residency started out as a duo gig for Wayne and Harry known then as  'Commuter and The Last Pedestrian'. The duo were joined by a cyclist in the form of Phil Jackson (Mandolin) and then on the album by a Van Driver (Vann Dryffer - on the sleeve notes) CLive 'Myph' Smith on electric guitar. 

This album shows The Last Pedestrian's almost fully unplugged featuring 12 of Harry's songs over acoustic guitar, Mandolin, double bass and a very tasteful light sprinking of electric guitar on a few tracks. 

Writing on a very wide range subjects, Harry has covered the fall of communism in the song Holy Grail, the dehumanising effect of mindlessly followed religious dogma in the song immune to reality and a man sharing his thoughts with his budgy in the song Henry. Once again, Harry has succeeded in saying something profound about man and his place in the universe!

Full Track List:

Baseball Bat
It'll Never Happen Here
Only in America
Working for Nothing
Fatal Mistakes
Nightingale Square
Holy Grail
Immune to Reality
He Got On
Raining A River