The Last Pedestrians - Near Life Experience

The Last Pedestrians - Near Life Experience

The first album Recorded by The Last Pedestrians (then known as The Loose Cannons) in 2001, who were at this time:

Harry Stephenson - Guitar, Vocals and Songs
Wayne D. Evans - Bass, Vocals and Songs
Mick Barratt - Drums and Percussion
Clive 'Myph' Smith - Guitar

With 11 tracks in total this album shows 'The Last Pedestrians' at their electric best. During this incarnation the band were also known for a time as 'The Loose Canons'... 

The album also features guest appearances from:

Colin Staples - Harmonica
Belinda Burnard - Violin
Peter Wraight - Trumpet
Ben Martin - Sax

Fully plugged in and turned up this is an excellent collection of Wayne and Harry's songs recorded at Network House Studios in Nottingham and produced by 'Paper Lace' guitarist Mick Vaughn.