Wayne D. Evans

Wayne Evans

Songwriter, singer, bassist, guitarist and band leader. Wayne has led a life full of music since an early age. 

1965 – 1969 The Tadpole Lane and District county council charity band.

 Wayne played Ukelele, guitar, euphonium and five-string banjo in this 6 piece band. They played original music as well as folk and pop hits in a jug band style. Appeared twice on national TV on “come here often?” which was the fore-runner of “Magpie” on the BBC. They were George Martin’s favourite!


1971 – 1972 Hi Bred Mishap

 Wayne played bass guitar and sang in this hard rock proto punk band. We played original material, which he helped write.  A film was made of this band.


1972 – 1982 Gaffa (Recovered in 2011)

 Wayne played green frog bass and sang. He was lead singer and main songwriter in this band for ten years. Gaffa won single of the week in The NME in 1977 with their first independently released vinyl EP entitled “normal service will never be resumed”. Gaffa appeared on regional television with Toya Wilcox on The BBC in Birmingham, They were live on radio Nottingham many times, championed enthusiastically by John Holmes of BBC Radio. They appeared at such events as The Trent Embankment Live and Nottingham Market Square live radio broadcasts. They also played a John Peel Session for Radio one. They went onto record an album called “Neither use nor ornament” and two singles called “you know I love you” and “man with a motive”.


 1982 – 1983 Florida Snow Shifters

Wayne organised, wrote songs for and played bass in the florida snow shifters which was an experimental percussion-driven pop funk five piece with female lead vocalist Dawn Foxhall. They recorded two albums.


1983 – 1984 The Mists of Time

This band played together for a year at gigs such as the Nottingham Rock and Reggae Festival and at other local venues. The band featured Afro Caribbean singer Elaine Thompson and her sister.


1984 – 1993 The Marcel Marceau Sound

Wayne played guitar, wrote songs for and shared vocal duties with Dawn Foxhall and Jed Rogers brother of Paul. They recorded one album and toured the south of France and Ireland as well as playing all over the UK. They also promoted and hosted live events at our studio space on Carrington Street “The Works”. They flew the flag for live music during the synthesiser saturated 1980’s.


1993 – 1995 Star Garage USA

Wayne moved to the United States and played in Star Garage in Portland Oregon teaming up with song-writer and pianist/ guitarist Mike Metzner. They played gigs and live radio sessions throughout Oregon until Wayne had to leave the states when his visa expired.


1995- Star Garage UK

He continued to play with Mike Metzner in the UK as bass player in a piano jazz trio playing round Nottingham and The Midlands.


1995 - Present Mas Y Mas

After  playing double bass with Mike Metzner playing Latin music in a Restaurant on Canning Circus  Wayne carried on doing this until Mike had to leave the UK as his visa expired. Before he left Mike found a dep in Rikki Thomas- Martinez who has carried on playing with Wayne to this day. They  have recorded three albums in their current line up and 2 DVDs. They recorded 2 albums before this as well. Mas Y Mas have toured all over the UK playing festivals, Parties, Corporate gigs, theatres and weddings. Más Y Más has also played abroad in Ireland, Spain, Borneo, Sarawak, China, Malaysia. They have had a track licensed to Putumayo World music in New York.


1997 – present The Last Pedestrians

Wayne plays double bass and electric bass with The Last Pedestrians fronted by former stiff records singer songwriter and guitarist Harry Stephenson. Having had a continuous residency in Nottingham for ten years they also tour around the UK playing at folk clubs, pubs and festivals. They have recorded two acoustic albums and an electric band album reflecting the different line-ups that they gig with.

Photo by Nick Barber 

2007 – Present Rich & Famous

Wayne D. Evans writes and sings the songs in the band. Wayne has written over 300 songs many of which are reworked in Rich and Famous. The duo features Wayne playing his songs on acoustic parlor guitar, banjo and resonator guitar with a slide with Richard Kensington joining him on bodhran and Udu Pot. They also play as a trio with the addition of the Myphalator on electric guitar. In the trio Wayne plays double bass and Rich plays the percussion set up he has become known for in Mas Y Mas