YETI BOY Records Video Productions

Video is an important part of Yeti Boy Records as most of the music that gets made by artists associated with the label happens at live performances. As much content as possible is captured on film so that people can enjoy it even if they can't get to the gig. Here is some of it:

The Last Pedestrians at The Turf Tavern 7th Dec 2005 from Richard Kensington on Vimeo.

Here are Rich and Famous at The Nottingham Contemporary 22nd June 2012:

Here are Rich & Famous playing at The Organ Grinder in Loughborough on 24th March 2013


Below is the first of videos recorded by The Axis Trio. It shows The Axis playing Elunbanche, a Toque for the Orisha Eleggua.


The Axis have had a lot to do with Yeti Boy over the years so here is a link to The Axis Percussion Trio You Tube Channel, which is defintely worth checking out!

Earlier in 2012 The Axis were in Havana, Cuba where they were studying with Chaguito

Natal Drums were good enough to give them some congas to take out to Chaguito and in return he wrote them a song of thanks which is captured here.